Redefining, Disrupting & Transforming a $100 Trillion Financial market.

The tokenization of the economy is inevitable. Dexfin Exchange will be a gateway to new financial markets using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Thanks to the cooperation with the best local blockchain, financial and artificial intelligence experts, we are building a next-generation trading platform for cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities and other tokenized assets.

  • Dexfin meets the overwhelming need for a security token exchange. Tokenized securities are the future of investment not only in early-stage startups and these professional investors demand institutional grade tools and desire a single platform to manage assets on a variety of blockchain networks.
  • Dexfin’s advanced compliance engine enables this exchange to provide a decentralized marketplace for tokenized securities and adapt to changes in securities classifications and regulations. Be working with our AML/KYC partners, we will be able to support institutional investors across the globe.
  • Dexfin goals are to become the leading compliant exchange for tokenized securities and other tokenized assets.

Dexfin Smart Digital Asset Exchange is a next-generation trading platform with an array of ‘smart’ features that allow for more automated and effortless trading at the next level

  • automated tools for day trading
  • ‘bulk’ trading (buy/sell multiple assets with one click)
  • fund-like portfolio structuring and management
  • intelligent portfolio performance monitoring
  • smart alerts and notifications
  • multilingual GUI
  • copy trading and social channel for traders

Built for trading cryptocurrencies, digital assets and tokenized securities, our sophisticated software architecture has high processing performance which allows us to scale the platform for the maximum trading volumes. A set of API’s will make the exchange fully functional also for institutional and high-frequency professional traders.


Dexfin is also building a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange on the Lightning Network

The process to use Dexfin is as follows:

  • A market maker first downloads and runs Dexfin’s software
  • The maker then deposits litecoin or bitcoin into their respective wallets and connects to an order-book system managed by Dexfin
  • The maker broadcasts their order to Dexfin
  • Dexfin connects the maker’s order to a market taker who wants to fill that order
  • Both traders execute their trades using Atomic Swaps

We will release more details about the off-chain non-custodial exchange solution in the upcoming weeks.

We believe the demand exists and the team will execute.