DFX Token Airdrop

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10 000 000 DFX Token Giveaway

Dexfin Exchange will be giving away 1000 free DXF Tokens to everyone who registers (signs up) on its new innovative crypto-currency and tokenized assets trading platform.

The 10 000 000 Token Giveaway will only continue while the free DXF tokens last.

How to claim 1000 free DXF Tokens?

Sign-ups have started, so make sure to visit Dexfin Exchange and click on the “Submit button” button to sign up before the 10 Million Supply of DXF reserved for giveaway runs out! After you complete the registration, please click on the link on the home page to submit your claim for free 1000 DXF tokens worth €60 EUR .

Just simply fill the Airdrop form provided below to claim your free 1000 DXF Tokens.

When will I receive my DXF Tokens?

Those that took part in the 10 Million Token Giveaway will receive their Bonus DXF tokens on or after July 31st upon completion of at least one trade by them.

What is the Dexfin  Exchange?

The Dexfin  Exchange is a new global cryptocurrency and tokenized assets trading platform.

What is the DXF Token?

DEXFIN Exchange Token (DXF) is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum blockchain. Please click here to find the contract details of DXF tokens.

After a long evaluation, we have decided to use a ERC20 token because there is no suitable market tested platform built on the top of bitcoin. We are exploring things like lightning network and confidential assets and looking for a solution on how we can leverage the bitcoin network for our token.

What are the benefits of holding DXF tokens?

DXF will have its own market on the exchange with several tokens paired against it. Traders can also use DXF tokens to pay transaction fees and in return, they will receive a substantial discount (40%) of their transaction fees. Say you are trading $10,000 worth of tokens a day, then your regular transaction fees will be $20 (at 0.20%), but if you paid with DXF tokens then your transaction fees will be $6 (at 0.20% reduced by 40% discount). This concept is similar to BNB on Binance, if you are familiar with it. You can read about the Dexfin token here

How can I get DXF Tokens now?

You can perform various bounties, creating unique content etc. 

Or just fill the form below to get your 1000 DXF Tokens for free.

You can also invite your friends to get even more DXF Tokens.

For every one person who sign-up using your referral program, you will get an additional 50 DXF as a bonus.

Does Dexfin Exchange have a Referral Program?

Yes, after you register you will get your own Referral Link When you refer new members, you will receive 10% of the proceeds from the fees generated from your referrals’ trades. The reward amount will be instantly sent in real-time to your DEXFIN account as your referral completes each trade and will be paid to you in the same type of cryptocurrency the original fee was paid in by your referral. You can Register here 

Want to see your Favorite Coin or Token get listed on the DEXFIN Exchange?

DEXFIN has added its Voting page, so now you can add your favorite coin and token. Voting will be used as a guideline for DEXFIN to decide which coins or tokens will be elected for evaluation first. Then, all assets will go through a comprehensive review process where DEXFIN will analyze size, value, demand, and many other important factors to ensure that DEXFIN has only quality assets listed on its Exchange.  You can submit your Coin / Token request here