EURD Stablecoin

EURD – A reliable way to transact on the blockchain

EURD is a euro-pegged digital asset, combining the benefits of the world’s second most-traded currency with the transparency, immutability, and efficiency of the blockchain.

EURD mirrors the value of the euro on the blockchain and is supported by liquidity assurance mechanisms provided by our ecosystem partners. Each token is backed 1:1 by euros held in our reserve accounts, which will be fully audited by some entity bringing us another level of trust and support. In addition to euros, EURD can be issued in exchange for securities, which are purchased by Dexfin’ liquidity providers.

The token is and will be supported by a growing ecosystem of liquidity providers, custodians, exchanges, payment platforms, and others.

No more gas fees

EURD, an EIP20 token, is one of the first stable coins to introduce delegated payments on the Ethereum network. Users no longer have to pay GAS fees in order to make transactions. Instead, they can pay transaction fees in EURD or any other digital asset supported by the EURD wallet — a huge improvement in terms of user experience.

We decided to use the Ethereum network for now to release our EURD EIP20 Token representing tokenized EUR currency.

However, we are also heavily exploring solutions like sidechains and other 2nd layers scaling solutions running on the top of the most secure and most reliable public blockchain on the planet, which is, of course, the original Bitcoin network launched by the real unknown Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finney, Nick Szabo, and other contributors.

Sidechains like Liquid with its confidential assets, scripting language, and instant transactions are the most viable solution to replace the backbone of our EURD Token in near future. We will definitely make some updates about progressing on this so stay tuned. Enabling issuance of assets of the top of Bitcoin network can open new use cases for Bitcoin network, like tokenization, dApps or Lapps and other projects with further impact than Cryptokitties.

Use Cases

Hedge against volatility

EURD’ low volatility, which matches that of the relatively stable euro, provides a hedging solution for cryptocurrency portfolios.

Cross-border transactions

EURD allows a user to efficiently send money across borders, utilizing the speed and peer-to-peer nature of blockchain transactions while also providing a stable store of value.

Access to reliable currency

Many people today live in nations with unreliable, inflationary currencies. EURD can provide these people with access to a stable store of value.

Instant payments

Whether you’re doing payroll for your business or just paying back a friend for coffee, EURD lets you send money instantly with no intermediaries.

For exchanges

By listing EURD, cryptocurrency and security token exchanges obtain a promising stable token, which may be attractive to customers such as financial institutions and other professional investors as well as a payments instrument alternative to the traditional financial infrastructure.

For payment platforms

Allow your users to transact with cryptocurrency without exposing them to extreme volatility by offering stable digital asset pegged to the price of a currency they already trust.

Dexfin blockchain app for money transfers

  • Users can simply transfer money to each other instantly using just their phone number or simply scanning a QR Code.
  • Using the power of cryptocurrency, our app helps our clients to transfer money across borders easily and seamlessly.
  • The app is powered by our EURD euro-pegged stable coin, which runs on the public Ethereum blockchain.

We are now in a phase of internal testing of the app and will notify you when we will have open public beta testing slots. So stay tuned for more updates.