We take careful measures to manage your tokenized securities projects

Compliant Issuance Services

Cloud-based platform allowing for the issuance of compliant tokenized securities to eligible investors

  • Seamless – white-labeled portal allowing for the user-friendly on-boarding of investors
  • Compliant – integrated KYC and AML checks and blockchain investor identities created
  • Versatile – multi-currency and multi-payment methods processed securely and instantly
  • Universal – access our network of distribution of partners to ensure maximum exposure

Tokens for Regulated Exchanges (VTF) Verified Token Framework

Blockchain solutions to facilitate the compliant ownership transfer of tokenized securities

  • Interoperable – interoperable with wallets, exchanges, and identity providers
  • Global – issue security token offering to our global investor base
  • Decentralized – benefit from our trade validator system
  • Rights transfer – fully tested smart contracts allow for the real transfer of ownership

Securities servicing solutions

Ongoing software solutions for issuers and investors to manage tokenized securities after the issuance

  • Control – manage investors and perform corporate actions such as dividend payments
  • Transparent – easily audit trails and operational reporting through open source blockchain standards
  • Compliant – ongoing KYC and AML checks ensure identities are managed appropriately
  • Communicate –  directly communicate with participants via the investor white-labeled portal


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